liion_yawn-150x150To say I have had a lack of sleep lately would be an understatement, and trying to roll out of bed has certainly been a challenge.

After looking over TPRweb, I realized I’m falling short of my goals (no excuses right) and one other thing I noticed is the dominance of SOC on the site. TPRweb was never meant to be a platform for me to promote SOC. Sure I wanted people to know about it, because it’s an alternate source of income, but I never wanted it to be the focus of TPRweb.

With that in mind I will be moving the posts to weekly updates.

Some of the things I am working on for our readers is ways to use WordPress to build an affiliate network that can be placed on auto pilot. I have also been researching public domain information. My goal there is to bring you as much free resources as I can find for obtaining public domain material that can be compiled or resold.

So there you have it … a quick update for TPRweb … leave your comments and let me know what you would like more information on and I will add it to my research.

Enjoy … Scott

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